Interesting activities

We hold annual horse riding camps for children and teens with horse riding lessons on big horses and ponies. Apart from riding the children learn about all work connected with taking care of horses like feeding, cleaning and taking them into outside enclosures. More information about our camps can be found in section our events.

Riding club

Children attend the club two or three times a week in the afternoon hours. During this time they learn to ride and take care of horses. At the moment our club has about 35 members, some of them represent our club at various sport events. We support hobby riding and professional riding. You can start at any age, therefore our members are not only children and teens, but also adults.

Riding kindergarten 

In 2016 we opened riding kindergarten for small children, which is based mainly on games and knowledge. Children can start at the age of 6. At the moment we have about 10 active children spending one afternoon per week at the farm. We are currently opening a new team for little riders.

Outdoor riding and horse trails

The best view is from a horse's back, they say. Come and find out for yourself, riding trails around Ostrava will show you.